Anytime we speak about drug trafficking, there’s always too many questions coming our way and only an experienced drug trafficking lawyer can give you all of the answers and details. There are many different kind of drugs found on trafficking cases, among the most commons are marihuana, heroin, cocaine, xanax and methamphetamines. What are the main reasons a person can be accused for drug trafficking? This illegal activity involves cultivation, manufacture, distribution or transportation and sale of illegal substances or prescribed narcotics. A drug trafficking case will depend on several factors:


If you are found in possession of illegal drugs exceeding the limited amount allowed by the state and authorities consider they are intended for sale, you can be facing serious drug trafficking charges. Narcotics and prescription drugs are also considered controlled substances.

Intention and Possession

A person can be accused of drug trafficking if the authorities have the evidence that the drugs you have in your possession exceed the legal amount authorized by the state and they can reasonably state you have the full knowledge that said drugs are in your possession.

Sale, Manufacture, or Transportation

Sale, manufacture, transportation, and cultivation are all charged under the same statute as long as amount exceeds amount allowed by the state and offender has full knowledge of possession.

Federal Trafficking Penalties

It is considered a federal criminal case on drug trafficking either if the illegal activity involves more than one state or it is performed crossing any estate border or between one state and another. At this point, a drug trafficking lawyer can be of great help.

Drug trafficking sentences are often serious and extensive, it can last years or even decades. Drug trafficking laws varies depending on the state where the prosecution has taken place, but it usually can take between a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of a life sentence. Sometimes, probation can be considered, depending on the circumstances and other factors. In case a probation is approved, there are some conditions and guidelines that must be followed, such as random drug testing, criminal monitoring through technology equipments and official authorization for interstate trips. When there’s no probation or jail time in the sentence and only fines to pay, they can range from $200,000 to $50,000,000 depending on the case.

drug trafficking lawyer

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