Practice Areas Overview

The Law Offices of Roger Futerman and Associates provides Criminal Defense representation to clients throughout Florida, both in State and Federal cases. As a former State Prosecutor who has handled over 5,000 criminal cases, Mr. Futerman has an in-depth understanding of the criminal justice system. If you need an experienced and reliable criminal defense lawyer who will protect your constitutional rights,  contact us today for a complimentary consultation. Our areas of practice include:

OTHER Ways A Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help You

Oftentimes, an arrest has far-reaching consequences in a person’s life. A person can be arrested by law enforcement, and the case can be dropped or the person can be acquitted at trial, but still the fact of the arrest causes other negative consequences in the arrested person’s life. A criminal defense attorney will do the obvious for you – defend your case against the Prosecution and advocate for you in front of the Judge. But here are some OTHER ways that a criminal defense attorney can help you:

  1. A lawyer can advise you about repercussions to your driver’s license which stem from a criminal offense. Did you know that if you miss a court date, your driver’s license will be suspended? Your criminal defense lawyer can advise you how to rectify this type of driver’s license suspension. Did you know that in Florida, if you are convicted of possessing a misdemeanor amount of marijuana, your driver’s license will be suspended for 1 year? A criminal defense lawyer can advise you on how to avoid the conviction for drug possession, and if you do receive a conviction in court, your lawyer can advise you how to obtain a hardship license for that one year suspension so that you can continue to drive for purposes related to work, school, medical needs, and religion.
  2. A lawyer can help you advocate for yourself when your employer has become aware of your arrest. If your employer knows that you have been arrested, many times the employer will want accurate information as to how your case is progressing and how your case will resolve. A formal letter from your lawyer explaining that the lawyer is working to have the case dropped, reduced, or otherwise defended against is oftentimes helpful to an arrested individual maintaining his or her employment.
  3. A criminal defense lawyer can have your case sealed or expunged. Many people feel that the fact they were arrested is held against them, even if their case is dropped. Most arrest records are public in Florida, which means that mugshots appear online and names and addresses appear on county Clerk’s Office websites. If you have the option to have your case sealed or expunged, your criminal defense attorney can advise you on your options to have your criminal case removed from public records.