Reducing a Bond or Completely Removing Bond Conditions I have handled thousands of bond hearings throughout the state of Florida, both in State and Federal court. A good attorney must be able to convince courts to reduce a bond or to remove bond conditions completely by understanding the criteria the Judge must analyze when assessing a bond. Then the attorney must convence the Judge the client is not a flight risk or a danger to the community. Additional problems can occur when a prosecutor makes a Motion to Revoke Bond if a client is charged with committing a new crime while out on bond or when a client violates his or her probation. Contact us at (727) 344-5511 in Pinellas County or (813) 221-4400 in Hillsborough County for a free consultation, our phones are answered 24 hours a day.  


We have been successful even in these difficult situations in convincing courts to issue a bond on a violation of probation or issuing a bond as opposed to a “no bond” when new felonies have occurred, and when the client was already out on felony bond. Each case is different and a skilled defense lawyer needs to be able to convince the court that the client is not a danger to the community, that the client will not commit any more crimes in the future, and that he or she is not a flight risk. Knowing the concerns and sensitivities of the Judges that deal with these issues is vital in achieving the best result for the client. A good attorney must be able to advocate for you and articulate the most effective arguments to the Judge. My experience of close to 15 years in dealing with Judges in multiple counties at multiple times enables me to have the skill and knowledge to make the best arguments for my clients.


In Florida state court you have a constitutional right to appear before a Judge within 24 hours of your arrest to advise you of your charge or charges as well as set a reasonable bond. This is a critical time because it is your first and best opportunity to convince the court to lower your bond. Preparation for these advisory hearings is critical and if you know someone that has been arrested and is appearing at a bond hearing within the next few hours, please call my office now and we may be able to make arrangements to be present for this vital hearing. Please also understand that multiple bond hearings are usually not permissible and certainly are not effective. It may be impossible to change a bond amount if a previous lawyer has argued a bond hearing and there has not been a change in circumstances in your case.  You must be aware of the importance of a bond hearing and who you choose to represent you for that bond hearing. Contact us at (727) 344-5511 in Pinellas County or (813) 221-4400 in Hillsborough County for a free consultation, our phones are answered 24 hours a day.