Drug Offenses

Manufacturing, Distribution, Selling & Trafficking

I have represented multiple clients for manufacturing, distribution, selling, and trafficking in all of these substances. I have represented clients both in state and federal court on these types of charges. 

Minimum Mandatory Sentences

Particularly problematic in both state and federal drug cases are the minimum mandatory sentences that can apply for three, five, seven, ten, fifteen, twenty, or twenty five years. These minimum mandatory sentences depend upon the type and amount of the substance allegedly possessed by the accused. They can be waived by the Government.

Drug Charges Defense

There are several ways to attack a case when someone is accused of a drug possession charge. We look at motions to suppress involving the officer’s right to arrest the accused and the seizure of the substance(s), as well as any factual issues in terms of the State’s burden to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt in front of a jury. We have successfully attacked K-9 searches, raised successful Constitutional challenges, and won multiple cases in front of a jury.

Drug Case Experience

Another benefit to my clients in Pinellas County and Hillsborough County is that we have built successful relationships with professionals in the drug rehabilitation system. We have built up strong ties with the personnel in drug court divisions of court, as well as with the individuals that are responsible for making filing decisions on drug charges. I have known these individuals for over a decade and have found them to be very professional and fair in dealing with my cases. My office has a strong professional relationship with these drug rehabilitation professionals and they have come to respect our professional abilities when I advocate for my clients. I am able to understand and decipher and advise clients whether their case needs to be resolved or litigated.

My office prides itself on the trial results in drug cases and the legal Motions to Suppress that we have won in these cases. We also are happy that we have been able to steer our clients in the right direction for help from substance abuse programs. Because of my extensive experience in dealing with these issues, my connections with people in dealing with these problems, and my ability to decipher the best way to handle a case, I feel that I have a unique and specialized knowledge to help individuals with these issues.

Drug Epidemic & Treatment

I also am especially cognizant of the increasing epidemic of drug addiction in the state of Florida. The poisons of the new millennium unfortunately are prescription pills, especially xanax and oxycodone. I have represented so many good people that have gotten into a car accident or been injured and then become addicted to strong painkillers that were over-prescribed by irresponsible doctors and pain management clinics. I have spent years representing clients dealing with these issues, helping them as well as fighting their case.

I have compiled a list of local and statewide drug rehabilitation facilities that provide relief and treatment for those suffering from addiction. This list includes non-profit organizations, organizations that accept insurance, and organizations that are totally privately funded. It includes a variety of affordable and higher-cost facilities and a variety of inpatient and outpatient facilities. We are ever increasing and changing this list based on our experience with the facilities.