Gun Offenses

I have been successful in receiving acquittals and receiving probationary sentences for charges for many of my clients. Please understand that in dealing with these issues for close to 15 years, I have experience and skill to help you with your case.

Also, the accusations or potential conviction of these gun offenses can have serious implications with the ability to vote, own a handgun, affect a concealed weapon or firearm permit, and of course affect an individual’s freedom. In Florida, gun offenses involve a 10/20/Life statute. If you have been charged with a gun related offense call us at (727) 344-5511 in Pinellas County or (813) 221-4400 in Hillsborough County for a free consultation, our phones are answered 24 hours a day.

Mandatory Sentence & the 10/20/Life Statute

A criminal lawyer needs to be aware of the application of these statutes as well as the application of other gun related offenses. For example, some defense lawyers are not aware that a felon in possession of firearm charge carries a three year minimum mandatory, but not when the felon is in constructive possession.

The application of the 10/20/Life statute is particularly complicated. Please understand that unless you are under the age of 21 before your case is completed, the Judge does not have any discretion to waive a minimum mandatory prison sentence. However, if the offense occurred and was completed (i.e. finished in court) before your 21st birthday, the Judge has total discretion to offer any sentence, including a probation sentence. I have been successful at convincing courts to waive the 10/20/Life statute and sentence my clients to probation sentences even where a firearm was used.