Murder Charges & Manslaughter

I have gone to trial and obtained a “not guilty” verdict in the State of Florida v. P.B My client was charged with murder, having stabbed an individual in the heart and killing him. As the case progressed, the State reduced the charge to manslaughter. At trial, my client was acquitted after I presented our theory that the killing was in self-defense. I have gone to trial on three other manslaughter cases. On each occasion, my client was found not guilty. I also have tried two attempted murder cases and each case resulted in an acquittal for my client.

Selecting a Lawyer in Murder/Manslaughter Offenses

It is very important when selecting a lawyer on these serious cases to use a lawyer with a proven track record in trial in front of a jury, a lawyer who has handled a multitude of these cases, and a lawyer who has handled cases at trial. We also have been retained on appellate cases involving murder convictions. Because of our insight on appellate work, we are cognizant of what issues must be preserved at a trial level.

A good trial lawyer must have the awareness of appellate issues when defending a case at the trial level. Sometimes these very serious accusations can be rectified and result in total freedom for my clients as indicated above. Sometimes these accusations can prove to be false as indicated above. In this most troubling time, if your loved one, friend, associate, or coworker has been charged in a murder/manslaughter case, please call my office for a free consultation so we can discuss the facts of your case.


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