Murder Charges & Manslaughter

Our attorneys have tried multiple murder and manslaughter cases and have obtained a “not guilty” verdict many times.  We have successfully presented self-defense as a theory and had clients acquitted at trial.  It is very important when selecting a lawyer on these serious cases to hire someone with a proven track record in trial in front of a jury, a lawyer who has handled a multitude of these cases, and a lawyer who has handled cases at trial.

These most intimidating and serious charges require an experienced legal team.  From the start of our representation in your case, we will utilize investigators to speak with witnesses that law enforcement may not have spoken to, and we will issue our own subpoenas to obtain surveillance video or other evidence, even prior to the charge being filed.  Other outside experts may include medical doctors or psychiatrists.  It is important to utilize a team approach to investigate the full facts of the case as opposed to only the facts set out by law enforcement.  Aside from investigating the facts and the situation from all angles, we will file motions to limit the evidence the prosecutor can present at trial.  These types of motions are often suppression motions such as motions to suppress statements the accused has made or suppress evidence that was found through an unlawful search. 

There are many defenses available to attack a murder or manslaughter charge including self-defense, defense of others, mistaken identity, and insanity.  These are just some of the potential defenses that could be available.  You need a skilled defense attorney if you are facing these serious types of charges and lengthy prison sentences.  Please call us today to set up a consultation to see how we can help you defend against these types of charges.

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