Our Probation & CC Violation Experience

We have extensive experience in dealing with Probation and CC (community control) violations throughout the state of Florida. Sometimes we can avoid your arrest on a warrant for a violation of probation. We can set up a court date for you and assist you with turning yourself in if this is necessary to deal with the warrant.

On numerous occasions we have had violations of probation dismissed and had clients reinstated back onto their probation despite having violated their probation.

We also file motions to rollover community control to probation, motions to modify probation conditions, and motions to early terminate probation. We have handled hundreds of these matters.

Handling Probation Violations Quickly

Proactively dealing with a probation violation can be very beneficial and can avoid unnecessarily sitting in jail waiting for a court date.

Having a Successful Trial Lawyer on Your Side

Additionally, it is very important to have a successful trial lawyer because sometimes the sole basis for a violation of probation is a new charge. Sometimes successful defense of a new charge can lead to dismissal of violation of probation.

You should understand that violations of probations are decided under a preponderance of the evidence standard at an evidentiary hearing held by a judge. Because of my experience, I am able to understand the different legal requirements in successfully defending both the violation of probation and some new cases which can be the basis of violation of probation.

False Results in Drug Testing

We also have been able to show, on rare occasions, that the drug testing at probation can be false and through confirmation lab analysis been able to show that the basis of that violation was flawed.

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